Detroit Free Press: Fulmer goes from Pitching to Plumbing

Detroit Free Press

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. – It is a Wednesday during the off-season, a rare day off. Michael Fulmer is playing golf.

He’s slowly getting better, he says by phone from the first tee at KickingBird Golf Club in Edmond, Okla., but still not any good.

“It’s getting there,” he said.

His golf game certainly wasn’t there in spring training, when Tigers teammate Justin Verlander would spot him 13 or 15 strokes and still beat him.

“All the time,” Fulmer said.

Back then, he was just a promising pitching prospect with an outside chance to make the team. He spoke softly and worked hard. But a sensational rookie season later, the right-hander looks to have the inside track to win the American League Rookie of the Year Award and, perhaps as soon as this upcoming season, become the successor to Verlander as staff ace.

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