The Micheal Fulmer Show

In 2006, a 23-year old Justin Verlander went 17-9 0ver 30 starts posting a 3.63 ERA along the way. That performance was enough to give Verlander the AL’s Rookie of the Year award over Jonathan Papelbon (then 25 and playing with the Red Sox). Now, its Michael Fulmer’s turn to win the award in the Old English D.

Called up to the Old English D in April, by the All-Star break Fulmer had a 9-2 record, winning 7 of his first 8 games.Despite only posting two more wins after that, Fulmer posted quality numbers in his rookie season with the Tigers. He posted an 11-7 record, 3.06 ERA, 1.119 WHIP, 3.76 FIP, and a 135 ERA+ mark. He produced a 132/42 K:BB ratio, allowing 136 hits in 159 innings over 26 starts.

Even, Justin Verlander came to the defense of Fulmer, when Dieter Kurtenbach of Fox Sports chose Gary Sanchez (of the Yankees) over Fulmer as ALROY.

To breakdown just how good Fulmer was this season, let’s look at his stats:

Michael Fulmer, 2016

Stat Percentile
LOB% 86%
ERA- 90%
FIP- 69%
xFIP- 64%
K-BB% 52%
Soft% 71%
Hard% 69%
Exit Velo 56%

While he was only in the top ten percentile in two categories (and lower than the average in sum), his season was none the less stellar, to further add credit to the argument, Fulmer only allowed three stolen bases. The embattled Anibal Sanchez allowed twenty one stolen bases this past season.

At this point the AL ROY is Fulmer’s to lose.

According to, the Awards will be unvieled tomorrow.


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