Prospect Profile: Yadier Alvarez

Currently, Yadier Alvarez is the 5th ranked prospect MLB.Com’s Top 30 Prospects for the Dodgers. From the MLB.Com Pipeline assessment

Alvarez is a classic high-risk, high-reward pitching prospect. He has exceptional arm speed that allows him to generate mid-90s fastballs and top out at 100 mph, and there’s still plenty of projection remaining in his lanky 6-foot-3 frame. His secondary pitches aren’t as consistent, though he does flash a wipeout slider and throws his changeup with deceptive arm speed.

Alvarez is the latest of many Cuban stars to come to Major League Ball at a high price tag. The Dodgers signed him in 2015 for a hefty $16 Million. The right-handed prospect had a lot of teams interested in him at the time, but according to Alvarez, it was the Dodgers high presence of Dominican teams that was a high selling point.
He told the Midland Daily News:

“I was honored that all of those teams were interested in me,” Alvarez said. “I was privileged to sign with the Dodgers. It was the right way to go. There’s a lot of Latin players in the organization, which is good. I’m just trying to take it step by step.”

In his first appearance with the Great Lakes Loons, Alvarez helped the Loons snap a seven-game losing skid as he fanned out 10 batters, showcasing the raw talent that gave him a $16 million tag as an International Free Agent.


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