Michigan Minor League Park Factors

Over at MiLB.com, you can see the park factors for A-Ball including the Midwest League. The defending Midwest League Champions, Great Lakes Loons sport the only pitcher friendly park in Michigan.

Dow Diamond posts a run factor of .875, a home run factor of .860, and a hit factor of .912. The home of the Loons is the third best pitcher friendly park in the MWL behind Bowling Green and Peoria.

West Michigan, meanwhile, posts pitcher friendly factors in the hit factor (.996) and the home run factor (.625). However, the hit factor at Fifth Third Ballpark favors batters, with a 1.050 factor.

Of the three minor league parks in Michigan, Cooley Law School Stadium is the most hitter friendly of them all, posting hitting factors of 1.124, a home run factor of .985, and a hit factor of 1.086. Anything above 1.000 favors the batter, anything below favors the pitcher.

The Lugnuts home is the third highest batter friendly park in the Midwest League, Cedar Rapids is number two and Burlington is the most hitter friendly in the league. The stats used for these factors are from the 2016 season.

When you look back at 2014-2016 numbers, you see that the Loons favor pitchers slightly better posting a .907 hit factor, a .914 home run factor and a .977 hit factor. Only Peoria has posted better pitcher friendly numbers of that same time span.

Both the Lugnuts and Whitecaps post similar numbers as well over the 2014-2016 timespan:

Lansing Lugnuts 2014-2016

1.113 0.880 1.060

West Michigan Whitecaps 2014-2016

0.969 0.551 1.020

Given that Dow Diamond is a pitcher friendly park, Dodgers prospect Yadier Alvarez should be happy pitching there for the time being. He has plenty of raw talent and has been labeled as a:

classic example of high-risk, high-reward prospect

Pitching at Dow Diamond will allow Alvarez to work on his mechanics while working in a pitcher friendly park.


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